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Piercings and appointment booking

For your appointment with us at TITANEN Piercing & Tattoo Studio Berlin, we take extra time to discuss with you all the details for your new piercing.

We discuss your piercing wish in detail, choose your new jewelry together and explain you the right piercing care thoroughly.

Whether ear piercing or genital jewelry, your piercing experience is our priority.

For piercing wishes that you do not find in our offer, or that you would like to discuss with us personally, you can contact us or book a free consultation appointment.

What you should know

Before your piercing

  • You have to be at least 18 years old to get pierced by us
  • Come to your piercing appointment well rested and healthy, you should have eaten and drunk enough beforehand and in no case consumed alcohol, it is best to abstain from alcohol the night before as well
  • If you have a fresh piercing in one of your ears, we will not put a new piercing in the other ear, so you will have an unpierced side of your head to sleep on
  • We do not recommend traveling or going on vacation with a fresh piercing, wait until you are back home.

After your piercing

  • For the first 4 days after piercing, you should not consume aspirin or alcohol and avoid any sports or physically strenuous activities, as well as clubs, parties and pubs
  • During the first 4 – 6 weeks after piercing, we recommend that you do not go to the sauna or solarium and avoid swimming and bathing, this applies to bathtubs and swimming pools as well as to bathing lakes or the ocean
  • After the piercing you have to take care of the piercing and let it heal in peace, we will discuss our recommendations for healing and aftercare in detail during your appointment


A maximum of three piercings can be done in one appointment, the listed price is per piercing.

We’re happy to help you with check-ups, consultations, jewelry changes and other services as well, you can find our service offer here.

We also offer apprentice piercings fo a reduced fee, you can find the current offers with a 50% discount here.