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Marte has been tattooing since 2017 and makes both handpoked and machine tattoos. She works with black and grey and full color in a variety of expressions and in her personal style which is modern, feminin and fun. Marte is inspired by shapes, textures and emotions and offer flash and custom design in any sizes. She works mainly within her own concepts but is open to also work with other styles, with the exeption of realism and fine line. She specializes in handpoked ear tattoos but does otherwise not offer tattoos on the face. She also does not offer tattoos for the inside of fingers or the palm of the hand.

Being a full time artist since 2007 Marte loves to explore art in many forms and besides tattooing she loves to paint and work with textile, where her main focus is applique and embroidery. Sewing and embroidery is one of Marte’s biggest passions in life. 

Another great passion for Marte has been stage art and she has enjoyed a 14 year long career as a performer with world renowned performance group Pain Solution. In 2021 she retired from the stage to focus more on her painting and textile work. You will at most times be able to see some of her artwork displayed right here in the studio! 

Marte speaks Norwegian and English. 

Originally from the forest outside of Norways capitol city Oslo, it is love that has brought Marte to Berlin. You may already know of her as the partner of Brian, the owner of Titanen. 

Outside of art and love, things that Marte enjoys in life are sunshine, the forest, ice cream and cartoons.

Instagram: @maritdatter