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I started my apprenticeship in 1995 while looking to become a tattoo artist. During this time I learned to make our piercing jewelry. I spent my days managing the shop, making jewelry and needles while learning how to pierce. I would first recieve a piercing, and learn the healing process. After this I could perform the piercing and consult with my customers about their healing. What to watch for, what to do, and what they should not do. I soon felt that my path would take me more into piercing, and further away from tattooing. In the mid 90’s their were very few piercers that were not tattoo artists. At this time I decided to focus all my energy into piercings and doing the best I could to further my craft.

Over the years a lot has changed in my field. From piercing with only rings, to using barbells, to during dermal anchors and using a scapel. I have done my best to stay on top of the new trends, in jewelry and healing techniques.

About 2005 I found a passion for organic jewelry, and started wearing it as often as I could. Soon after I began to stock as much as I could in our studio. I spent my time learning the different benefits from different precious stones, and woods.

In 2010 I moved to Berlin, and while learning the language started working as a guest piercer in a few studios. While meeting new piercers and networking, I learned that here in Europe it is not that common to have internally threaded or organic jewelry. I have dedicated my time here to trying to change this, and to offer berlin a taste of the jewelry I have come to love. Now that I have become involved with TITANEN, I am working to order and stock this high quality jewelry for you. Come in and see if we can give you that new piercing that you have thought so long about, or if we have some jewelry to show off the ones you have.

Brian Jenne