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Luz de Luna, simply known as Luna, was born in the Andes of Bolivia. She joins our team after a long trajectory in the international Body Piercing industry.

In her 15 year long career she has worked in some of the best studios in the United States, she began her own business in Brandenburg, and has given lectures to Body Art professionals in Spain, United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, and the United States for organizations such as Association of Professional Piercers (A.P.P.), Association of Professional Piercers España (A.P.P.E.) United Kingdom Association of Professional Piercers (U.K.A.P.P), Grupo de Estudos de Piercing (G.E.P), Body Modification Exchange network (BMXnet), and Latinoamérica Body Piercing (L.B.P.).

Luna is also an Extreme Ritual Performance Artist performing internationally since 2012. Currently she can be seen Flying on hooks for Florentina Holzinger’s ‘Tanz’ on various stages throughout Europe. Luna specializes in genital piercings, she emphasizes a trauma informed approach to all Body Art. She dedicates her life to serving her community worldwide with what she considers a magical technique of self-creation with Body Piercing, Scarification, and Hook Suspension.  

Instagram: @lunabodypiercing